Designer Dog Breeds andElderberry Wine


Now is the time to make elderberry wine. The internet is littered with different methods and many of my old books also have recipes. The three constants are elderberries, water and sugar; after that, there are so many opinions as to what to do next it can be quite baffling.

Fortunately, last time we tried it, it turned out rather well. Our wine was quite heavy and more like a Port than an ordinary wine, with a quite rich, almost jammy taste. We stored it for 6 months in the garage before trying the first bottle and it really was a pleasant surprise.

My intended brief foray onto t’internet to investigate homemade wine also took me by surprise, especially the discussion fora (I found some incredibly condescending rubbish written about nettle beer, which is quite an amazing drink: one very pedantic American insisted it should be refered to as ‘hooch’ rather than beer, while another chap suggested it was little more than alcoholic, cold, herbal tea!)

I have also, on occasion, visited various internet discussion sites about dogs and in particular, working dogs and this brings me (almost) neatly to the following clip. There has been much discussion on designer crossbreeds and this morning, I stumbled upon perhaps the most insightful and intelligent piece I have encountered. I think it says it all.



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