The Glorious(ly easy) Grouse Dish

This has got to be the easiest and possibly one of the tastiest grouse recipes ever. It uses the breast meat, cut into strips and can be served with potatoes, rice, pasta, bread or even in a wrap.

sssi 3 010

Begin by tossing the strips of meat in some cornflower and black pepper.

sssi 3 012

Next, heat about a tablespoon on olive oil in a frying pan or wok and heat on high. Add the whole lot and stir quickly around until the meat changes colour on the outside but it still nice and shiny on the inside (see above) The trick is not to over-cook at this stage because it continues to cook when the special sauce is added.

sssi 3 013

The special sauce is easy to make. Open a bottle of Port, pour in a good slug and watch it bubble!

sssi 3 014

In a matter of seconds, the port, cornflower and meat juices will have combined to form a lovely, sticky sauce and that’s about it.


2 thoughts on “The Glorious(ly easy) Grouse Dish

  1. Thank you! I haven’t managed to blog for months, but I will be blogging more regularly now. Saturday’s forecast is good, so fingers and paws crossed here for a grand day!


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