Mrs. Beater lives with Mr. Beater and spends her time (when not at work) cooking, gardening and working her dogs. She grew tired of reading article after article about professional couples who fled the city in search of Arcadia and ‘discovered’ game and mis-shapen vegetables, so one day, she decided to start her own blog for the thousands of people who enjoy game without a side-helping of pretension and an apologetic reference to the fact that ‘it is all, really, like, you know – free range even if it has been shot’.

This is a blog for people who eat game because they enjoy shooting and working dogs; they enjoy the company and they believe in eating what they shoot. It is a blog for anyone who finds themselves short on time and high on things in the freezer, with a messy kitchen and a pile of washing thanks to their all-consuming passion for being outside and joining in with the fun. This is game cookery made quick and easy, to be enjoyed after a full day at work!

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